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If you are charged with a criminal offense, you may be offered an opportunity to be released from jail by paying bail. If you need help paying bail, a 24/7 bail bonds company can help you get out of the jam. This video explains what bail is and how it gets you out of prison.

If you are arrested and thrown in jail, you can get out by paying bail. Bail is set by a judge during a court session called an arraignment. If the defendant is in good standing with the community and a low flight risk, they will be offered a reasonable bail sum to pay.

The bail is not a fine or punishment. It’s a security deposit that ensures you show up to future court dates. If you do this, the bail will be refunded to you at the sentencing trial.

You can pay the bail yourself, or get help from a family or friend. The median bail amount in the US is $10,000, though, so it can be difficult to get that sort of cash quickly for many people.

This is where a bail bondsman comes in. They will post a bond for you after you pay them a small percentage of the bail and put up collateral. For more information, click on the video above.

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