Affordable auto insurance

Most states require drivers to have a certain amount of coverage on their auto insurance, which can add up and end up costing you more money than you’d like to pay. Finding affordable auto insurance may seem like a challenge at times, but fortunately there are a few ways that you can cut costs and keep a little extra cash! These three tips will help you find affordable auto insurance, as well as save money on the insurance that you may already have.

Assess Your Needs

If you don’t have ample savings to repair or replace your car, then you’ll definitely want collision and comprehensive auto insurance. Most car insurance companies will recommend this anyway, but if you have an older used car that’s already paid for in full, as well as enough money to replace it, then you may be able to skip out on collision and comprehensive. However, liability and injury insurance is an absolute must. While different states have different requirements, it’s important that you have enough coverage for your needs.

Good Credit and a Clean Driving Record

You may be surprised to know that your credit actually plays an important role in the auto insurance quotes that you’ll be given. Car insurance companies will use your credit score to help determine whether or not a customer is too risky to insure. So make sure to stay on top of your bills and credit card payments! In addition, keeping a clean driving record is of the utmost importance. With every speeding ticket you receive, your insurance rates will go up. Who says being a law abiding citizen doesn’t pay off?

Ask About Discounts

This might seem like the obvious solution to getting lower car insurance rates, but many companies don’t advertise the discounts they currently have for customers. You could qualify for one discount and not even know it because you never asked! One of the most important things you can do when looking at auto insurance is ask questions. It can not only provide you with important information, it could end up saving you money.

Shopping around for auto insurance is never a fun process, but by following these three tips, you could speed up the search and save some money, too.

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