Group health plan

The Canadian healthcare system is often heralded as being one of the best in the world. The Canadian system of healthcare is delivered through publicly funded system, and is generally free to the citizens, with most medical services provided by private entities. This health insurance usually covers surgery and services, including psychotherapy, in clinics and doctors offices. Dental surgery at dental offices and laboratory tests are also covered. There are usually not deductibles for basic healthcare, and co payments are usually very low or non existent.
Canadian healthcare is regulated by the Canada Health Act of 1984, which legislates the conditions and criteria that health insurance programs much conform to in order to receive transfer payments that are provided under the Canada Health Transfer program.
Interestingly many business look to providing employee benefit programs that can supplement the basic healthcare coverage. While 98% of companies in Canada make up small businesses with between two and 100 employees, these companies are often concerned with the cost and administrative difficulty of offering additional employee benefit programs.
There are many available options and benefits to offering employee benefit programs. These programs can cover costs such as dental implants cost or braces costs that may not be covered under the basic healthcare coverage. One of the advantages of offering employee benefit programs is that it will lead to higher employee retention numbers. Employee benefit programs can also be a great way for businesses to attract quality workers to their workforces.
These employee benefit programs can also be a way to reduce benefit costs. Some plans will unbundle all of the different premiums such as life insurance from the employee benefit program that covers healthcare. The premium dollars are then allocated to the employee benefit program accounts of individual employees. Administrative costs of these employee benefit programs can also be reduced by reducing the cost of the policies.
There are many companies available that can assist businesses with find employee benefit programs that will not only benefit the employee base, but also help the business save money. This will allow the company to maintain a strong workforce, yet maintaining the bottom line.

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