Direct insurance

Quinn insurance is an insurance company that offers direct insurance to long term and short term residents of the United Kingdom, offering insurance to fully licensed drivers from the United Kingdom, any nation within the European Union, South Africa, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Iceland. Quinn Direct Insurance is covered under the Gender Directive ruling issued by the European Court of Justice last December (2012) that prohibits the use of gender in determining insurance premiums and benefits, which is great news for men looking to purchase direct insurance!

Quinn Insurance is committed to offering its customers the absolute best price for insurance in the United Kingdom. Their criteria are broad when it comes to determining the price of your insurance, and they include the type of vehicle, its estimated value, the amount of coverage that you choose, your driving record, and the people you allow to drive the vehicle. These qualities listed are only a few of those that Quinn Insurance uses to figure out the price. On their website, Quinn Insurance offers a complete list of these criteria, as well as tips for lowering your premium and maximizing insurance coverage. Because of their commitment to keeping their customers safe and fiscally sound when it comes to vehicle insurance, Quinn Insurance even offers “No Claims Discounts”, which make your premium decrease each year that you do not file a claim or have an accident. Some American companies have recently jumped on board with similar policies.

Insurance can be tricky, if you are a first time insurance buyer, and it is a good idea to take all options into consideration. Thanks to Quinn Insurance, you can find all of the pertinent information on their website, as well as tips and tricks to maintaining a vehicle and staying current on insurance issues. Be sure to read up on what kind of coverage and get a number of estimates before selecting any single company. Quinn Insurance will do its best to give you a fair price!

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