In this video, you will learn about a lawyer. Two lawyers answer commonly googled questions about a lawyer. One question is do lawyers hate their jobs? They said they get stressed out, but they love their job.

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They don’t think everyone hates it. If a lawyer hates their job, they should do something that they like to do. The next question is why do lawyers drink so much? They said that is a weird question but it is because they are stressed. Being a lawyer is a lot of pressure. You are dealing with the judge, people, and people’s families. Oftentimes, the family members are the most emotional and take out anger on you. One of the women defends people who are facing eviction. So, how she does determines if the person has a home or not. Do lawyers yell “objection!”? The answer is, no, they rarely say that. It is mainly just in movies where you will hear a lawyer say that. A deposition or trial is rare so objecting to something is not common. The next question is “why do people hate lawyers?” They think people hate them because of the media. Especially in movies, a lot of lawyers on TV are twisted and do bad things.

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