Life insurance in texas

You are more angry than you have been in months. After dealing with a medical issue for at least three years, your doctor and you finally made the decision to have a procedure done to finally take care of your lingering condition. Just when you finally felt comfortable and reached the decision to make sure that you are going to follow the doctor’s orders, however, you received notification that your medicare plan has denied your request. The doctor has convinced you the you need more tests and treatments, and all the tests have so far have cost a small fortune, but now you are unable to get the procedure that you need.
In addition, you finally went to see a doctor for lower back pain and they gave you a muscle relaxer and told you to take a prescription for pain that knocked you out at 6 pm last night and you did not wake up until 10 am this morning. Clearly, this is a prescription that will not work. These two situations have shown you how vulnerable you are to the decisions that have been made by the Obama administration, and the future decisions that will be made by the Trump administration, can have an immediate impact on the medical care that you will get. Although you have always worked to stay as healthy as possible, you are more than frustrated with the care options that you have, and have been denied.
Managing Health Care Expenses Can be Especially Difficult in Times When the Affordable Health Care Plan Is in Limbo
As health insurance policies seem to be more difficult to understand while the politicians in Washington suggest major changes to the Affordable Care Act, it can be a frustrating time to be a patient, especially if you have been denied a viable claim that your doctor has suggested. Whether you are waiting for an answer about a Medicare claim or you are looking at adding a medicare supplement insurance plan, it can be a challenge in a time when the health care standards in the country are changing.
Consider some of these facts and figures about health insurance in America and the options that many Americans are considering:

  • 40% of Americans under 65 have employer-based healthcare coverage, according to a January 2015 Gallup poll.
  • 86% of all those surveyed indicated that they would agree that most people would require some amount of life insurance coverage.
  • 60% of people indicate that they own some type of life insurance.
  • 34% report a likelihood that they will be making a life insurance purchase within the coming year.
  • 50% of Americans over the age of 65 had no health insurance in the year 1962.
  • In comparison, data from the 2015 Commonwealth Fund indicates that only 2% of Americans over 65 lack coverage.

When you find yourself in the difficult situation of being denied coverage for a needed procedure you will understand the problem that some Americans face if they have no insurance at all.

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