Canada direct insurance

The best insurance companies in the world can only do so much. If you are not prepared, or do not have the right kind of coverage, there is nothing that those best rated insurance companies can provide. One of the least commonly purchased forms of insurance is the direct holiday insurance. But if no one buys it, it must not be that necessary, right?

Not always the case. One of the best insurance buying tips is to simply look at some numbers. Think of it as a scared straight tactic for direct holiday insurance. By seeing what damage has been done, perhaps you will see how important it is to have the insurance.

The average costs of medical treatments without holiday insurance can be astronomical. A simple bug bite, if you were to get it looked at or treated, could cost over $300. A broken nose or wrist could cost nearly $3,500. Appendicitis could be almost $11,000, and a heart surgery would cost you almost $82,000. Enough to say no to the heart surgery in the first place.

Nearly 20% of travelers believe that holiday insurance is not necessary. Men are 8% less likely to buy a short term policy for their trip. And almost 50% of all travelers have no idea that they will be held personally accountable for all medical bills while abroad.

A simple trip policy can cost very little in relation to how much can be saved. Even if you do not get injured on the holiday itself, if you have to cancel the trip before even leaving due to some unforeseen circumstances, you can say goodbye to what you paid for plane tickets and hotel rooms. Some insurance policies will cover those costs too, getting you the money that you spent for nothing.

Just like with any other insurance, direct holiday insurance is purchased in the unlikely event that a tragedy should happen while you are traveling abroad. There is no guarantee that something will happen, but it is better to have that safety net in case something does. After all, how much of a budget vacation will it actually end up being if you need to pay an unexpected medical bill?

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