When a person buys a homeowners insurance policy, that transaction is only the beginning of planning for the future and protecting themselves and their family members in case of an emergency. Homeowners policies protect homeowners and mortgage companies in case a natural disaster or theft occurs. However, there are other steps a person should take to provide additional protection. These are some tips for maintaining a home, saving money, and continuing to plan for a brighter future.

Continue Planning Ahead

When a person buys a homeowners insurance policy, that step should never be the end of taking care of the family, and it should only be the beginning. The next step after opening a homeowner’s insurance policy is finding additional ways to help family members feel secure in a crisis. For example, the homeowner should consider purchasing a life insurance policy and/or funeral insurance.

Life insurance serves the primary purpose of providing funds to family members in the unfortunate event of the policyholder’s death. The family can use the funds for funeral expenses, relocation, leftover medical bills, etc. Some life insurance policies provide earning potential and lending options.

Furthermore, the three main types of coverage are whole, term, and universal. Simply put, whole life insurance is supposed to last for the person’s life, while term insurance expires after several years. Universal life insurance is adjustable and is connected to investment. Many people find it much more flexible than other policies, but it’s also more expensive.

Funeral insurance is a separate type of coverage that provides the policyholder with money for funeral expenses alone. It’s an excellent supplementary policy when a person’s regular life insurance policy doesn’t provide adequate coverage.

Both types of policies have a monthly premium and a benefit amount. Life insurance policies can be as low as $25,000 or as high as several million dollars. Older people or individuals with health conditions may have higher premiums and a more difficult time getting coverage.

Put Your Family on Your Policy

When a person buys a homeowners insurance policy, it often kick-starts the idea of getting security from other policies and adding family members to those. Healthcare is another area of concern for homeowners with families, for example. First, homeowners need to secure healthcare policies, and then they need to add their family members.

There are typically three ways to get medical coverage. One way is to get hired as a full-time worker in a traditional job and sign up for medical benefits after the probationary period ends. Each employer has its own guidelines about how long someone has to work to activate their benefits.

Another way to get medical benefits is to qualify for a government-issued product. Medicaid and Medicare are two types of government-issued benefits. Medicaid is for low-income or pregnant individuals, while Medicare is for senior citizens, blind, and disabled persons. An interested person can obtain Medicare insurance consulting services to determine which policy he or she qualifies for and how to add loved ones to the policy.

Work With Professionals

Homeowners should always opt to work with professionals, whether they are searching for a new policy, inquiring about features, or requesting help for a challenging situation. When a person buys a homeowners insurance policy, that individual should immediately search for professionals who can assist with policy management and future assistance.

For example, a Medicare insurance agent is the right person to contact about Medicare eligibility and which plans are the most suitable. An insurance lawyer is someone to talk to if any issues arise regarding claims processing. An auto insurance specialist is someone who can discuss the minimum liability requirements and the numerous add-ons and additional coverage an individual can purchase.

For example, a policyholder might want to add roadside assistance to the policy to receive access to towing, gas fill-ups, and battery jumps if a problem arises. Saving the number of such providers will make it easier for the homeowner to reach out and get help when an issue happens.

Avoid Damages Even If You’re Insured

When a person buys a homeowners insurance policy, it doesn’t mean they should automatically stop taking precautions. Insurance is not a substitute for smart living and preventative measures. A homeowner should always take steps to avoid damage and loss by doing the following things:

Performing Upgrades: Certain home upgrades can protect either the inside or outside of the home from damage that requires insurance monies to fix. For example, storm shutters can offer a little bit of protection from the wind during a storm. Impact-resistant windows and fortified garage doors can offer a little bit of additional protection as well.

Using Security Measures: A homeowner can invest in some type of security device if he or she wants to protect the home from the damage that can occur during a burglary. The person could consider installing cameras or upgrading the locking system to achieve that. Other options are also available if the individual has the funds to invest much more.

Having the Roof Inspected: Having the roof inspected regularly is another way for a homeowner to protect the home from damage. If the inspector finds anything wrong, the person could request a roof repair service that will improve the functionality of the roof and prevent water and wind from penetrating.

See If You Can Bundle With Other Policies

When a person buys a homeowners insurance policy, that individual will want to get as much savings as possible. Bundling coverage is a great way to get amazing discounts on one’s insurance. To reap the benefits of a bundled policy, the homeowner needs to ensure that he or she purchases the policy form from a provider that offers bundles.

A visit to a potential insurance provider’s website is an excellent way to find out if bundle options exist, and contacting them on the phone is another way to find out if they offer the feature.

Bundling more than one policy can save a policyholder up to 25 percent with some providers. A bundle is typically a group of at least three different insurance products. For example, a person may buy a homeowners policy, auto, and life insurance. As long as the individual keeps all three policies, that person will receive a special discount.

It’s still wise to contact more than one provider to ensure that the best rates are being offered on all three policies. Another good idea is to have the phone number of some reliable auto accident attorneys. The policyholder may never need those specialists, but it’s good to have the number in the contacts, just in case.

Make Sure Your Rate Doesn’t Go Up

A homeowner must be diligent in preventing insurance rates from increasing. When a person buys a homeowners insurance policy, several factors can make those prices rise, and they include:

The Home’s Age: The age of the home plays a huge role in the price of homeowners insurance. The older a house is, the more likely it is to suffer damage due to storm impact. However, certain renovations and upgrades can cause the risk to decline and decrease the overall prices for the consumer.

Claim History: Claim history is another element that makes insurance policies higher than usual. A homeowner will spend more money on premiums if they have filed even one claim throughout the coverage year. Therefore, a smart way to handle this is to avoid filing claims if it’s at all possible. The homeowner can handle the less severe issues and use the policy only when the price is too costly to handle alone. That way, the rates will more than likely decline in the upcoming years.

Disaster Risk: The risk of natural disasters and inclement weather will always make insurance rates right up or down. Therefore, the policyholder may have to deal with a rise in costs if something makes the risk greater. By the same token, policy rates could go down if they don’t experience any storms with damaging winds for a while.

Experienced home insurance agents can help a homeowner to zero in on the best possible insurance coverage for his or her situation. Generally, a person seeking insurance coverage can go about finding the right policy using one of three methods. The first method is to contact an insurance company directly and speak to the agents that work for that individual company. That person can perform an intake and then explain what options are available on their menu of options.

The other option is to contact an insurance broker. An insurance broker is a person who works independently and has relationships with various insurance companies. These people are not committed or tied to one specific provider, and thus, they can help a consumer to sincerely find the best product for that person’s unique situation.

A third option is for the person to search for the perfect policy alone. However, that individual may be unable to access bundle options, deals, and discounts if they search for the policy without an agent’s assistance. Agents often have additional processes and procedures they can use to help an interested party grab hold of some fantastic discounts.

Consider Home Security

When a person buys a homeowners insurance policy, that person should also consider purchasing a home or business security system. Investing in home security can bring many benefits, and the biggest one is that it gives the homeowner a greater peace of mind. Other benefits include:

Family Protection: The most significant benefit a homeowner can get from purchasing a home security system is an extra level of protection for his or her family. All family members can sleep at night knowing that someone will be alerted at the first sign of trouble. Furthermore, the authorities will be on their way.

Fewer Insurance Claims: With a reliable home security system in the home, instances of theft and burglary will be lower, if not non-existent. That means the homeowner will call in many fewer insurance claims.

Remote Access: Some modern security systems allow homeowners to control some of the items in their homes remotely. They can set the thermostat and turn lights off and on, for example. Additionally, those people will be able to monitor their homes when they are on vacation, adding to the peace of mind they already get from having a system like that connected.

Lowered Energy Bills: Homeowners can indirectly reduce the amount of their electricity bill by investing in a home security system with remote features. Just turning the lights off when not using them can reduce an electricity bill drastically.

There are many types of security systems to choose from when a person buys a homeowners insurance policy. The best way for a homeowner to find the most suitable system is to compare the budget, unit features, and lifestyle. These are some of the most common security system types:

Keycard Door Locks: Keycard door locks are an inexpensive electronic solution where homeowners have keycards instead of codes. These systems disallow access to people without cards and are much more effective than regular locks.

Monitored Alarm Systems: Monitored alarm systems are purchased through independent companies that install their products in the homeowner’s dwelling. Those companies then use specialists to watch over the home 24/7 and contact authorities if anything strange occurs.

Wireless Alarm Systems: Wireless alarm systems are the most popular types of alarm systems to date. They connect via a Bluetooth or wireless connection and offer features such as remote access, multiple appliance control, home monitoring, and much more. Many homeowners invest in these systems when they desire a fully protected feeling.

Those are just a handful of the many options homeowners have for protecting themselves these days. A knowledgeable agent or salesperson can speak to an interested consumer about those options to provide additional information.

The above-mentioned text outlines some steps to take when a person buys a homeowners insurance policy. Anyone who follows those steps will be in an excellent position to maintain a solid and safe household.

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