Keeping a home safe is a lot of work. That’s what an insurance plan is for.

You can’t anticipate every curveball life throws at you. A sudden flash flood that racks up thousands of dollars in damages, a fire that destroys nearby property…there are simply too many variables. Commercial packages are where you can cobble together all of life’s surprises into one convenient place. Learning which one suits you best means meeting with an independent agency. It might be a little more time spent researching, but the peace-of-mind they’ll provide is invaluable.

Need modern insurance solutions? Here are just five questions you can ask your independent agency to help you create the best commercial package.

Should I Have A Form Of Insurance?

This is a very common question asked by businessowners and homeowners alike. Insurance is often seen as flushing money down the toilet, particularly if you’ve been lucky enough not to need it. Why should you keep depositing money toward something that very well might happen? The fact of the matter is…when it does, you’ll want a helping hand. Today over 90% of American homeowners have at least basic homeowner’s insurance, with eight standard homeowners insurance policy types available.

Do I Need Flood Insurance?

One of the most common issues facing buildings today is the flood. They can be caused by hidden leaks. They can be caused by surprise storms. Whatever has you scrambling to rescue your furniture, a flood insurance policy will have you covered — they can reimburse you for the damages, up to and including additional problems like mold. A recent survey found nearly 75% of respondents reported they don’t have a flood insurance policy that is separate from their standard homeowner’s coverage.

Can I Add Commercial Auto Insurance?

The great thing about commercial packages are their ability to keep all the basics in one place. Many people today avoid applying for insurance because of perceived complication. Deciding on insurance is as simple as exploring the parts of your life you want to look after. Commercial packages can include auto insurance, whether you’re a homeowner or a businessowner that works with less-than-truckload resources. It’s estimated a driver will have an auto accident claim every 15 years or so.

When Should I File A Claim For Damages?

This is a great question to bring up to your insurance experts. Most of them will tell you to file for a homeowner’s insurance claim for major damage as soon as possible, just to be on the safe side. Many of today’s insurance policies include a 14-day reporting window to make sure the damage isn’t getting worse over time (such as mold build-up). Make sure to take photos of the damage and record the date so nobody’s confused. Flood insurance experts are quite keen on making sure you get the best deal so you keep coming back for more.

Are Commercial Packages Worth It?

When you want peace-of-mind and money saved, commercial packages are very worth it. They make sure you’re not left swimming up a creek without a paddle should the worst come to pass. According to a Real Estate Investing Report, over 55% of Millennials are actively invested in purchasing real estate. Another 2017 survey saw 85% of respondents agreeing that most people require some form of life insurance coverage. Modern insurance solutions may seem intimidating on the surface, but they’re anything but.

You’ve got options. Grab them by the horns. Talk to an insurance agent on commercial packages that support your needs first.

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