Buying a home is a great accomplishment, and as new homeowners, it can be an exciting time to celebrate your new buy. It can be easy to overlook simple maintenance issues as they arise, such as leaks in your roof or siding that comes off. Eventually, homeowners start to notice that their home needs attention, and most can improve on their homes as they age. However, some parts of a home can go unnoticed, such as floors, caulking, replacing filters, and, surprisingly, garage doors.

Noticing the Little Things

It can be difficult to notice little changes here and there to your home. Nowhere is this more apparent than your garage door. After all, after a long day of work, or before leaving in the middle of a busy morning, who takes time to look at their garage or even their garage door? Even on weekends, when you leave to go out shopping, or load up the RV to go camping, does anyone in your home ever really notice issues arising in the front of your garage door? Experience will soon reveal to you what every homeowner eventually learns. Many times, noticing problems with your garage door doesn’t happen until it’s too late.

Fixing Issues

It’s a hassle not being able to open up your automatic garage door, or having to fix a garage door that has been sealed in due to thick paint. It can even be an issue when you notice energy bills going up because of a weak garage door. By the time you notice anything wrong with your garage door, nine out of ten times, the issue already needs professional help. It’s a myth that you don’t need to pay attention to your garage door and that it simply comes with the house and is meant to be ignored. Unfortunately, many homeowners take this myth to heart and find themselves hesitant to replace their garage doors or do maintenance to them. However, one of the most important parts of your home to repair or even replace is your garage door. If you’re too scared to take the plunge and repair your garage due to garage door replacement myths, don’t worry. Listen to your home and pay attention to the little things before it’s too late. Do proper maintenance, inspections, and look past the garage door maintenance myths. Below are 15 debunked myths about garage doors.

Myth 1: Garage Doors Don’t Factor in to Curb Appeal

You might think the first thing someone notices when looking for a home is the inside of the house, like its rooms, floors, and windows. However, did you know a garage door accounts for up to 40% of the home’s facade? Indeed, one of the most common garage door replacement myths is that it will do nothing to help curb appeal and future homebuyers. However, buying garage doors is a great idea if you plan on selling your house or even just want to change your overall home’s look.

Myth 2: Garage Doors Don’t Have an Effect on Energy Bills

If you are constantly wondering why your energy bills continue to increase and don’t know where to look anymore, it might be because your garage door is impacting your energy bills. Most homes have an attached garage. If your garage door isn’t insulated, it can be a huge disadvantage. During the cold winter months, an insulated door keeps the garage 10 to 20 degrees warmer than it would be otherwise, which can impact your surrounding living areas. Before you get the help of heating and cooling repair services to help with your energy bills, also consider insulating your garage door.

Myth 3: Your Garage Door is Supposed to be Noisy

Many garage door companies recommend you change your garage door once it starts to become noisy. It’s one of the garage door replacement myths that you don’t need to repair or replace your garage if it’s making noise. However, a noisy garage door can signal trouble. Whether it’s time to replace your gears, garage door springs, or need to lubricate and oil your garage door parts, a noisy garage is a good indication that something is going on that needs professional help. Luckily, a repairman can easily tell where noise is coming from and what to do about it before it’s too late.

Myth 4: You can Repair your Garage Door Yourself

It can be easy to think you can do a garage door repair or even replacement yourself. However, garage doors are much more complex than they seem. Not only are there mechanical and automatic parts that go into your garage door, such as lifting and closing with a garage remote, but also replacing and fortifying windows, insulating the garage door itself, and even moving it out of place. Garage doors are heavy, and if you’re not a professional contractor, it’s best to get outside help to repair or replace your garage door. A professional can also help you figure out if you even need to repair your garage. For instance, if your garage is well-insulated, you might need heating services before thinking about replacing your garage door.

Myth 5: Garage Doors Don’t Add Value

Many homeowners look to the outside of a home to solidify their decision to buy a house. Having a garage that looks worn down, isn’t working properly, or is simply ugly can have a massive impact on interested homebuyers. With the help of a professional paver, landscaper, and garage door professional, you can spruce up the outside of your home and have it ready to sell in no time.

Myth 6: Garage Doors are All the Same

One of the most common garage door replacement myths is that all garage doors are the same. On the contrary, garage doors can be made of light and inexpensive aluminum building products, steel, and even wood. It’s important to understand what your garage door is made of before initiating any changes or repairs.

Myth 7: Garage Doors aren’t Important to Home Security

One of the most dangerous garage door replacement myths is believing that a garage door has no impact on home security. However, initiating crack repairs on your garage, replacing locks, and fortifying a garage door can all be great deterrents for potential burglars. A damaged garage door provides easy access to your home.

Myth 8: It can take Years Before you Have to Replace them

Garage doors have an average lifespan of 15-30 years. However, this number can easily change based on how well your door is maintained, weather conditions, and even accidents and damage over time. Make sure to properly maintain your garage door, and consider replacing it if you’ve bought into an older home.

Myth 9: Your Garage Door Will Automatically Handle Any Weather

Your garage door might seem strong, and one of the most common garage door replacement myths is that your garage door can withstand all types of weather. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as snow frozen onto a garage door can cause serious damage. Certain weather events, such as hail, flooding, fires, even earthquakes can all damage a garage door and even its windows. Make sure your garage door is fortified to withstand the elements, and replace your door as soon as possible if it’s been damaged by weather conditions.

Myth 10: Insurance Companies Will Replace Damaged Garage Doors

Most homeowners don’t think about the possibility of an accident until it happens. One of the most common accidents that can happen to your garage door is a driver crashing into it. Part of the garage door replacement myths still around today is that insurance companies will automatically replace your garage door if it is damaged. However, an estimated 13.8% of American drivers do not have auto insurance, leaving you to foot the bill if any damage happens to your garage. Even if you had auto insurance, your garage still wouldn’t be covered! As a homeowner, make sure to protect your garage and your home by using homeowners insurance and paying into it as soon as possible.

Myth 11: You can Simply Paint a Garage Door Yourself

Much like other garage door replacement myths, some people think painting and doing work to a garage door is pretty easy. However, because many garage doors are custom made and contain different materials, it takes a bit of research and digging around to find out how to make even the slightest change to a garage door. This is true when it comes to painting. Certain paint is generally good for your garage door, such as exterior paint that can withstand the elements, but you also need a primer, painter’s tape, a power-washer to wash your garage beforehand, brushes, and other materials. You also have to find the right amount of time to work on your project. It’s best to simply get the help of painting contractors to help you paint your garage door, as it can help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Myth 12: It’s Okay to Open a Broken Garage Door

You might think it’s okay to keep opening a broken garage door automatically and that there’s no need to replace your garage door. One of the most common garage door replacement myths is that your door will be fine if opened automatically, even with a broken spring. However, this can quickly burn out the gears in your garage, cave in garage panel doors, and lead to a broken chain or belt. Don’t put yourself at risk, and replace broken garage door springs and parts as soon as possible. Even if you choose to open your door manually, you can get your fingers caught, or worse, have the garage door get stuck because it’s so heavy. It’s best to handle the issue by getting professional help.

Myth 13: Fixing your Garage/Driveway is Only for Beauty

It can take a lot of work and sacrifice to fix your garage door and driveway. One of the garage door replacement myths that is most prevalent is that fixing your garage door is only for cosmetic purposes. As mentioned earlier, fixing your garage door can greatly affect the curb appeal of your home. However, weather conditions sometimes require you to fix your garage and the driveway attached to it. For instance, if you’ve had heavy rains, snow and thawing, or even sun directly on your pavement, this can cause your driveway to disintegrate. Professional grade sealcoating makes your asphalt surface more resistant to deterioration from weather conditions, gases, oil, and chemicals. It’s a good idea to invest in it and save the hassle of having to replace your garage door and pavement every couple of years.

Myth 14: Garage Door Window Inserts can be Replaced on your Own

Garage door replacement myths commonly make one believe that it’s easy to replace garage door window inserts. Though some inserts can be removed relatively easily, this is not the case for all window inserts. For instance, if you want to replace custom windows with a heavier, more durable pane, any change in weight to your garage door can put extra pressure on garage door springs, causing them to break.

Myth 15: A Garage Remodel is Relatively Easy

It can be easy to dismiss how tough a garage remodel might be. If you want to remodel your garage to go from a workspace to a den, bar area, or even another living area, certain factors go into this. One is insulation, which is essential for any comfortable living condition. In addition, you’ll need the help of a professional to do floor refinishing on the concrete in your garage that might be soaked in oil and worn away from years of parking on it. Don’t dismiss the work that goes into remodeling your garage, and get professional help to avoid issues with your new living area in the future.

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